Is it Okay to Want to Lose Weight?

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Nobody is perfect.

And it is totally okay to LOVE YOUR BODY, but also want to “fix” a few things.

Even the strongest of athletes and leanest of swimsuit models are always striving to “be better”.

(Did you just roll your eyes there like I did?)

But it is TRUE!  And no, we don’t necessarily have sympathy for the body- perfection-clad-goddesses of women in the media, but it is TOTALLY NORMAL to admit to having some seemingly slightly superficial fitness goals!

We all have our own motivations to work out (tell me yours here!), and we all have a lot of DIFFERENT motivations to work out.  Some of them are very mature and responsible like– to be in good health, to prevent injury, to serve my relationships better, etc.  But some of them are:  “Man, I really want to look hot in a swimsuit on vacation!”  or “I want to look so hot naked that my man loses his mind every time he sees me.” And THAT IS OK TOO!  And so are ALL of the other reasons.  To be confident, to feel strong, to feel powerful, to feel COMFORTABLE.

When we are comfortable in our own skin, we are able to achieve so much more in life.  So saying, “I would feel a lot more comfortable if I lost 10lbs,” is really an OK and healthy thing to admit.  Losing weight is a reward.  It is a reward of hard work, dedication, focus, and determination.  I bet you wouldn’t feel as proud to say “I lost 10lbs from the stomach flu” (or diet pill) as you would “I worked my ass off in the gym and lost 10lbs.”

And chances are, your reasoning behind your “superficial goals” aren’t so superficial after all!

They are things like:

  • I want to feel proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished
  • I want to feel more confident and enjoy life more
  • I don’t want to feel held back by my weight, so I can take more chances
  • I don’t want to feel insecure during sex with the person I love
  • I want to be happier, for myself and for those around me

or WHATEVER your reasons are.

Now, I would be a bit concerned if you thought losing weight was going to solve all of life’s problems.  Or if you said, “I want to lose weight so I can look like so-and-so.”  That is a very thin “why”… but if you dig deeper it might have some more substance.  And substance is what is going to drive you through to your goals.  It is what is going to make you keep coming back for more and to ultimately be successful.

So I challenge you: write down your whys.  All of them!  And in detail!  WHY do you want to tone up?  WHY do you want to feel sexy?  WHY is this sense of community so important to you?

Now look at all of those reasons…. isn’t THAT worth it?!


We’ve only got one shot at the life thing, so let’s make the most of it!

Let’s let go of the stigmas and everything holding us back.  Let’s write down some fitness goals and not be afraid to share them.  Use these are your motivation.  And all while we are in the process of achieving these goals, we will be able to LOVE OURSELVES even more, because our WHYS are SO IMPORTANT and MEANINGFUL!

So YES, we should all practice SELF LOVE and LOVE OUR BODIES no matter what the size or shape (we’ve only got one, hating it will do us no good!).  But we should also feel comfortable having ambitions and goals and taking steps to achieve them.

Personally, I love my body, I do. Are there some things I could work on? Sure.  Are there things that are getting harder to maintain as I get older?– you bet!  Do I still step on the scale and use weight as a measurement for progress sometimes? Yeah, I do.  But I know that scale doesn’t define me.  And my reasons for hitting the gym hard before a beach vacation have nothing to do with what other people think of me, or wanting to look like “Her” (because it is impossible).  My whys go a lot deeper than that, and my whys are what drive me to work every… single… day.


And that is what makes us beautiful.

LOVE YOUR BODY.  LOVE YOUR WHYS.  And know, we are all in this together.

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