‘Tis the Season of [Self] Love

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, love is definitely in the air.  Everywhere you turn there are pink and red hearts galore.  Chocolate lovers’ temptations are out in full force and flower shops can’t even keep wilted carnations on the shelves.  There is definitely something about this holiday that ignites a powerful feeling at the base of your stomach; and you don’t know if it is hopeful butterflies … or nausea.

This Valentine’s Day I want to encourage you to take a different approach.  Whether you are single, taken, married, or are just perfectly content on having a lovely “Galentine’s Day”, stop and ask yourself this:  How much more would you get out of this beautifully-fabricated-majestic-commercial holiday if you focused your love on… <<wait for it>> … YOURSELF?

Self Love.  You may have heard about this new trendy phenomenon where people actually love and put themselves first; and believe me when I tell you… it is a doozy!  I’m obviously being sarcastic; and that is because we are all guilty from time to time of depriving ourselves of the love we deserve.  We know we should, but it’s HARD!  We have such high, and sometimes, impossible standards for ourselves. We are our own biggest critics, yet we will be our own longest friend.  And for this reason, it is so important to nourish and, in some cases, heal that everlasting relationship between the “me” and the “myself”.

Just as some of us don’t need to get worked up about the gifts, the romance, and the expectations of this holiday of love, others don’t need to aggressively hate this occasion either.  Instead, why don’t we use this day of cupid to reconnect with what LOVE actually means?  Let’s acknowledge that we all have and need it in our lives, totally aside from our plans and/or relationships statuses on this specific day.

So this week, try changing your inner dialogue.  Take a few minutes and have a conversation with yourself. Find out who she really is, what she needs, what she wants, and what would really add value to her life during this season of love.  Write yourself a Valentine.  I know that sounds silly, but how powerful would it be to be able to revisit a little heart shaped sticky note that says 3 things you love about yourself on it?  Or pull out a small greeting card when you are feeling doubtful and read encouraging words that come from a place of powerful love?  If a strong, loving You, can get over the awkwardness of writing down positive self-affirmations, a weaker, more desperate You will be forever grateful she took the time to do so.

‘Tis the season of self-awareness, self-care, and self-love.  We all know deep down, you cannot experience true love with someone else until you have found it within yourself. <3

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