What is BodyBOLD?

IMG_9797IMG_9797IMG_9797IMG_9797IMG_9797BodyBOLD is more than just a dance fitness company; it is a movement… an attitude.

For years I’ve wanted to start a company that delivers virtual dance classes.  I have been teaching group exercise for 8 years, dancing for over 25, and am absolutely in love with sharing my passion with others.  The feeling I get during and after a class is indescribable.  But the greatest rewards are the comments from and changes I see in my clients.  Having them tell me that I am the highlight of their day, or seeing them, week after week, go on this life transforming journey with me, are the real reasons I do what I do.

Washington, D.C. is a unique city.  It is very transient; people come and go with the changing of the seasons and the white house occupants.  Everyone here works incredibly hard and they are incredibly smart.  I love meeting new, fascinating people and being a government contractor myself, I get to do so both through my profession and through my extracurricular and fitness activities.

But the worst part about living in such a transient city is that you get really good at saying goodbye.  You accept the fact that your time with people is limited and although you may stay friends and colleagues, soon enough, they will not be a part of your daily life.  This has been particularly heart wrenching in my dance classes.  I have had so many clients find me near the beginning of their DC stint, we dance, we grow together, and then just as soon as they danced into the gym, they are moving on to the next opportunity.  Sometimes these clients come up to me and talk to me for the very first time on their last class. And although I may not have known their name before this moment, I feel like I am saying goodbye to a lifelong friend.

There is something magical that happens in these dance fitness classes.  Underneath all the crazy moves and puddles of sweat, we are bonding in this very raw, vulnerable, unspoken way.  Our dance class is our judgment free zone where everyone has permission to be themselves.  You don’t have to be a great dancer, you don’t have to be in great shape, but you just have to show up and let go.  When people are concerned that they have no rhythm or look silly, I tell them it doesn’t matter.  Everyone in that room is watching two people and two people only: me, and if there are mirrors, themselves.  No one is looking at you, except for me, and I’m up here making a bigger fool of myself than you no matter what- so that doesn’t count.  There is absolutely no reason not to just let loose, let the music move you, and have FUN.  The sweat, the muscles, the losing weight, that is all a byproduct of a really freaking good time!

I absolutely love my clients past and present and I wanted to start BodyBOLD to grow our Pride of bad ass lady lions. I want my clients that leave DC to have somewhere to come back and dance with me.  I want to meet new people, reach a bigger audience, and show more people what they can accomplish by moving their bodies and allowing themselves to be free.  I want to help people dance more.  I truly feel that dancing more adds quality to our lives and we simply get too caught up in the day to day that we do not do it enough.  I want to give people an outlet, a virtual safe place, where we can dance, express ourselves, and dig deep down inside ourselves to embrace the best us possible.

This is your place. This is your Pride. This is BodyBOLD.


If you have ideas for what you’d like to see and accomplish with BodyBOLD, post them in the comments below!  I’d love to hear what you want to get out of this journey and how we can maximize our fun and time together.  Sign up for our email list and never miss a beat with new content and awesome developments!

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